Friday, 12 April 2013

True medicine must conform to these rules

Herbal medicine: Some rules to remember...
Genuine medicine as all with other forms of science should be based on the laws of nature. Medicine can only be true if it is in harmony with these laws.

Disease is the condition of the body's structure, where its tissues are unable to perform their functions in a natural way, which disrupts the harmony and balance in the system, and the purpose of medicine is to rebuild the affected structures to their natural status as far as possible, so that they in turn are able to perform their function.

Physiology counteracts the diseases cause and will strive always to restore the body's balance, when it is disturbed. The restorative treatment should be in harmony with bodys own efforts, IE. to maintain and support the body's inherent strength.

With this physiological standard as the only real supervisor in medicine you should never use a drug for the treatment of disease, which by nature are harmful or which will aim to damage the body's integrity or reduce tissues life force. Therefore, you should never use any kind of harmful therapies or toxic substances in your practice, because these in themselves can be the cause of disease or at best are not health promoting.

Stress and burnout through work is a major issue

Stress and burnout through work is a major issue
In particular, the public sector is plagued by ' total burnout '. Now the municipalities have started binding agreements to counteract stress.

In order to reduce the number of stressed employees are local government own Association, at, therefore in the process of drawing up a set of rules that will commit future 109 new municipalities to prevent stress among employees.

The head of a Stress clinic i, confirms that especially many public servants are tormented by total burnout.

The clinic has existed for six years and treated more than 2,000 people for stress symptoms. Of these was the 50» totally burnt out ', and hence was the 46 public servants.

» We lack specific knowledge about why so many public servants are in this group, but it can hang with the fact that it is easier to sit for a long time with stress symptoms in a public duties.

The rules, which are under preparation in KL, is an offshoot of a common EU-initiative to ensure a better working environment and less stress among employees in all Member countries. The EU Commission has estimated that WRS costs upwards of 90 billion pounds per year across the EU.

The Pro's of sun light

The Sun makes us beautiful: the heat dilates the blood vessels, then blood goes more easily to the skin and the skin is improved, and the cheeks are rosy. The result is a nice complexion.

The Sun strengthens our defense: UV-rays enable the body's self healing, cells divide faster, and the immune system work better.

Sun protect heart and brain: the Sun can lower blood pressure and protect against cardiac infarction and stroke.

The Sun gives us a better physical condition: the Sun works in the same way as endurance sports.

The Sun is good for the skin: For psoriasis the  rays of the Sun act as a conditioner for the skin. UV-B rays counteract inflammation.

Gel heel cups something to stop pain in the heel

It's not a pain in the back we are talking about today but pain in the heel! Heel pain can be really annoying especially if your a athlete as you can find your self not being able to run or play the sports you are good at... apart from table tennis. Well relax as you can prevent heel pain with the help of heel cups. Also you can recover faster if you wear gel heel cups or even orthotic insoles.
You heel must support your entire body when you stand up, so it is important that something supports the heel as well.. otherwise pressure can start to build up in one part of the heel and over time like if you constantly put pressure on something it will finally give in and snap, this can be said with your heel and heel bones. To prevent lasting damage and heel and foot problems from happening in later life you must strengthen or at-least support your heel. By wearing heel lifts you can do just this. As we get older our muscles and bones get weaker and are more prone to breaking that's why ti is important to take action whilst you are still young.

Heel gel cups are essential if you want to stop yourself getting problems in later life!

The orthotics and material the heel cups are made from (gel) means that any shock that may occur whilst you walk or use your feet is quickly dealt with meaning no harsh shocks can damage the tissues in the heel.

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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

How you can get taller

Want to look taller. It is hard growing taller if you don't know what to exactly do. Nobody seems to be able to tell you exactly a set way to grow taller because everybody's genetics and situations differ from person to person.
With no set ways to grow taller the best you can do if you are still naturally growing taller is to eat right... like eating plenty of foods that contain a abundance of protein and vitamins is best. This will help to make sure you don't stunt your growth with malnutrition. Malnutrition doesn't just effect people in third world countries.

Anyway what if you have stopped growing? Surgery? No that is far to risky and the height increase isnt worth it if its not advised by a doctor. What you can do to look taller though is wear shoe lifts... a pair of the height increasing insoles is all what you need to appear taller. They work quite simply... by just putting in your shoes under your heels you will be taller. That easy!

You wont feel any discomfort wearing them because they have been specially made with orthotics and even arch supports built in to prevent discomfort and plantar faciitis from developing which is very painful and is caused by flat shoes.

Anyway height increasing insoles along with stretching exercises to help improve and enhance you posture will really help you to get taller a quickly as possible!

The lift in height these methods to help you get taller will give you will mean that you will not only be much taller but also you will have more healthy life and have more self esteem, motivation and confidence to do well... well when i tried it i noticed that anyway.

If you found this usefull comment below and tell me if these techniques worked for you?

how to grow taller with pilates

Become a charismatic leader of men

The concept of leadership has no ' exact equivalent in French: refers to the qualities required for a leader of men or simply keeping the English term 'is a good leader or a bad leader.
We can therefore ask ourselves questions on the level of interest and importance that this term may have in the management of our French companies.

A good leader"is someone who sees clear and far, who is calm in crisis situations, which has a positive and encouraging attitude which is integrated, coherent, efficient and competent; It has the ability to give inspiration to others, to influence and to give them a direction to follow.
Attention, it is to give a direction and not only guidance and influence them to change.

In general the leader is recognized by the group when the leader is imposed by the status in the hierarchy the situation is much more ambiguous.

In France the power is mainly considered to be bound to the hierarchical situation and it is not in the French interest in a development culture any qualities of 'leader' and on the other hand, paradoxically, many think that the qualities of a leader are natural.
Actually wondering about his type of 'leadership' becomes a requirement at present in a social crisis situation that disrupts and weakens social relationships in the world of work.
Manager in France is neither obvious nor natural.
The French do not learn to work together in the school; they do not learn to handle and express their emotions; They also live a paradox in that they value autonomy while preferring the submission to a higher order if it protects. So a leader rarely has a team under his command but more individuals to learn how to make a team.

On the other hand a good leader is someone who is also on the side of his team, we said, in crisis situations; However very often leaders apply to change others, deplore the negative circumstances, but rarely think to change them! They reflect little on their management style and their personal 'leadership' almost never!
Yet it seems difficult to others without questioning what leads you, your values, your goals. A good leader has generally a good considers itself, but it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between self-esteem and narcissism: wondering about what we are and what we want to become therefore seems to be a reflection that should be the basis of any leadership.

Get to know self and then get to know the other, here seems two essential requirements.

How to have more motivation?

Approximately 95% of us stop en route when they set a goal so it's important to try to understand the reason.

Motivation is an essential skill because it represents the energy required for our performance or our desires for change. She plays the role of fuel for a car: you may have a Porsche engine you will stay on site if you have not made full of fuel, in the same way you can be intelligent, set you goals and establish of brilliant strategies if you lose your motivation along the way this will be of no use.

Motivation manifests itself most of the time by enthusiasm, a joy, energy sources, you are experiencing at the beginning of a realization and which often disappears to make room for a resignation in the face of obstacles; This loss reinforces the feeling of failure and you devalues as it often occurs.
Certain types of education or family dysfunction may have developed in some lack of self-confidence chronic which in general has a chilling effect on motivation. The fear of failure leads to behaviors which undermine the energy of our desires.

Before embarking on the search for strategies to motivate or to motivate yourself should take the time to think about some basic phenomena.

The first step when it attaches a goal is first to identify what really motivates us. We have an external motivation such as social pressure or a desire to gain concrete, or a personal inner motivation. You should know that the external motivations do not in the long term. On the other hand the motivations, even if they are stronger because internal, rarely take more than three months without a "booster shot."

Another point to consider, a motivation inner "negative", such as the desire to make a plan for example by hatred of her body, never lasts long.

Make sure that the objective that motivates you is coherent, focused and break it if possible yardstick that you can easily control and for which you can vote you a mini-recompense.

Should also identify also the annexes which are not inherently motivating but whose absence in your course may weaken your motivation; I give an example: the cleanliness of the toilet of your workplace is not a motivation to get there, but their neglect could gradually undermine your motivation.

You will encounter obstacles that will weaken your motivation for starting, but realize that the main obstacle between you and your goal is you: our thoughts are not reality but they influence behaviours that they induce, and they also influence our body. We become what we believe to be and be confident of future failure leads more or less consciously provoke. If you perceive that you have already done a better not

Motivation low try to recall, before any other strategy, this key moment of enthusiasm that motivated you to start viewing it as precisely as possible.
Display most often as possible along the way the ' goal that you, not as a future virtuality, but as if you had already reached it: represent - you your joy, its consequences for you and the others: the mental images still play a more important role than abstract considerations.
Do not hesitate to return frequently in your head all your small successes earlier and...
... apply you the advice that you would give spontaneously to a friend!